PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHS / For prints, contact me.

My father, 2012.

Opera singer Amanda Martikainen, 2017.

Maire sells little pretty things, 2011.

Actress Outi Nevanlinna, 2016.

Kari Väänänen, director, actor, 2010.

Esteri, 92, 2014.

Omar was born in Somalia, but ended up in Hetta, Enontekiö, 2010.

Kerttu, 2008.

Aune, 2013.

Asseri, 2014.

Leena Valkeapää, 2011.

Raimo, a schizhophreniac, draws hundreds of pictures about "a lonely mans life", 2012.

Kerttu, 2012.

Leo drank away 30 years of his life, not a day goes by without regret, 2012.