Located 70 kilometers from the Finnish border, the town of Alakurtti has always depended on it's military base. After the base closed in 2009 the town diminished and people fled. In 2015 Russia re-opened the military base and slowly Alakurtti began to catch life again, after years of struggle.

A stray dog scavenges for food in front of the renovated barracks.

Daycare is filling up with children and new groups for children are being founded.

Nikolai has seen the good and the bad days in Alakurtti.

Ljudmila comes from Kantalahti to sell clothes in the Alakurtti market.

Children playing in the playground between buildings.

Seeing soldiers is common in Alakurtti, however the number of soldiers is still rather small.

Sergei, a Ukrainian worker, paints the outer walls of a brand new motel being built in the outskirts of Alakurtti.

Older people in the region reminisce about past glory of Alakurtti and hope for a return to prominence.

Anna works at the only grocery store in town.

A boy strolls in the playground.

A woman looks out of her apartment window. Housing in Alakurtti ranges from awaiting demolishing to better houses used mainly by army personnel.