PRESS / 2018

53rd Arctic Lapland Rally was raced in freezing weather..

Success of Sauli Niinistö in presidential election was met with cheers in Kokoomus party.

Iivo Niskanen, olympic gold medalist.

RoPs returns to outdoor practice as students still ski around the field.

Eila Kumpuniemi, 76, has competed in powerlifting for decades.

Mikko Järvelä, Tino Viik and Tuukka Nerg ride on Roke Trail.

Racecar race in Pello.

Tapio Rantahalvari loves to sleep at Rovajärvi shooting range.

Fatma Hajizadeh, 24, escaped from Afghanistan when she was five years old. Now she is Finnish champ in boxing. Osmo Pähti, 78, is her trainer.

Tromsö IL is the number one thing in Tromsö, Norway.

Hussam Al Eqaby came to Finland as a refugee, and now has two children with a finnish woman.

Late night horse racing in Mäntyvaara, Rovaniemi.

Vahid Hambo fails to score.

Asian tourists haul luggage through the streets of Rovaniemi.