PRESS / 2016

Flood rises in Kittilä, but local boys find joy in jumping with bikes on the floodwalls.

Cheerleading practice in Rovaniemi.

RoKi Hockey's long roadtrip to southern Finland spans almost 2000 kilometres. A break in Tupos, Finland.

Outi Nevanlinna escaped from a relationship with a narcissistic person.

Ari Savikko plants fish to Sotajoki near Inari, Finland.

Elina Niemelä-Muotka is just an average person.

Remains of Anttila store bankcruptcy.

Paavo Hölsä of RoKi Hockey skates on to the ice before a game.

Pertti Mänty works reindeer meat to different delicaties.

Norway considered donating the highest top of Halti to Finland as a 100 year gift.