PRESS / 2015

Elmeri Sirkka bounces around in excercise oriented daycare in Rovaniemi.

Lugman Muhabi and Karoka Tolob ice fishing in Kemijoki.

Researcher Panu Orell counts the salmon in Akujoki by diving.

After brain surgery to treat Parkinson's Mauri Rautiainen can live his life again.

Children sleeping in a daycare in Alakurtti, Russia. The town has come alive again after hard years.

RoPS player Eero Markkanen screams in relief after finally scoring a goal against HJK.

Risto Telilä's gold nugget weighs 107 grams. It was the largest nugget found in Lemmenjoki in 2015.

Salah Shamky and Samir Salah among other Iraqi refugees help move a finnish school to new facility.

Woolly socks await new tourists from Great Britain in Enontekiö.

For 26 years Antti Ranta has cleaned the runway of the airport in Enontekiö.